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Canada Roleplay was founded by Connor Savage in June of 2020. Ever since June of 2021 Canada Roleplay has been a huge success. We work to get our roleplay as realistic and authentic as possible

Canada Roleplay is based out of Ontario When joining Canada Roleplay you will meet many other Canadians who speak mainly English.

UPDATED -- 2024-03-14

Over the past three years of running Canada Roleplay, we have had so many ups and downs and members who have helped Canada Roleplay grow bigger then ever

Canada Roleplay now has over 3000 members and continues to grow strong! Im very excited to see what the future has to offer for Canada Roleplay, and I want you to join us on this journey.

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Our team members

Connor FTW

CEO & Founder


Superintendent / Senior Administrator


Admin / Superintendent


Senior Moderator / Staff Sergeant